Will you come to my home?
For you to be as comfortable as possible, I can work in your home but I’ve worked in other locations as well; on a boat, beach or mountain top. A familiar location can help make you feel at ease in front of the camera (additional charges to cover travel over 30 miles may apply).

How long will my session take?
Preparation may take an hour. Once the actual shoot begins, it depends upon your comfort level in front of the camera. Normally, a session will last between one and two hours.

Can I have someone else at my photo session?
Yes. You should do whatever you need to do in order to be comfortable. For some this means not being watched; for others it is a comfort to have a loved one present.

What about wardrobe and hair & makeup?
If possible, bring several different outfits with you. I can help you choose which one would work for your desired effect. I can do your make-up for a small additional charge or a stylist can be arranged and their charges vary.

Do you do TFP or TFCD?
As an artist, I am always open to opportunities to work with professional models and those who are building a portfolio to assist them with their career.

I don’t look like a lingerie model; I’m too short/tall/heavy/skinny/etc. Should I even be thinking about boudoir photography?
Absolutely! Boudoir photography is about your fantasy. I will highlight your best features with the proper posing, wardrobe and lighting. Photo retouching will be applied to all photos to eliminate the obvious flaws such as lines and wrinkles, skin blemishes, stretch marks, and skin tone. Changes in your overall body structure must be approached carefully in order to keep anyone from noticing that the picture was changed. Many things can be done to create the fantasy image you desire.
(Custom enhancements are almost limitless and are charged by the hour).

Are my photographs going to end up on the web?
No! Your privacy and your trust are both very important to me. I keep all of my work in-house with completely digital processing. This prevents anyone from accidentally seeing them, and your photos will never be published anywhere without your specific permission. Special discounts are available to anyone kind enough to allow me to use their image to promote my service.

Do You do Nudes?
I will photograph you in any way that you desire including... More